For all fine pieces of furniture, it is important to take steps to ensure long-term quality and shine.

Our typical finish consists of: distressing, sanding, shading and staining followed by two or three coats of brushed-on lacquer with light sanding in between with steel wool. Then two coats of wax are applied and the finish gets a final buffing.

Here are some pointers to keep your new furniture and cabinets looking beautiful year after year.

When you receive your furniture and/or cabinet(s), please use only a soft dusting cloth for the first six to eight months. After that, the furniture should be waxed every six to twelve months with a soft cotton cloth such as the ones provided in our Maintenance Kit.  Begin by applying some wax* on the furniture with a circular motion, let dry for a few minutes and then rub off energetically in the direction of the grain. Don’t let the wax dry for too long.  It will harden and get even harder to buff. Repeat the process on areas that are heavily used, i.e., drawer faces, ends of tables or around door handles. Do NOT use any polishing solvent product such as Pledge, Endust et al.

*The French Tradition uses Pate Dugay Brand imported from France.  It is available in many colors.  As a maintenance wax, we recommend the “Rustique Fonce”, which has been provided for your convenience. Should you run out of wax, contact us for another can.


In the event that the cabinet should come in contact with water, wipe it dry as soon as possible.  It should be fine but if you end up with a watermark use very fine steel wool, like the bag of #0000 Steel Wool that has been provided, and some colored wax.  Apply a thick coat of wax with the steel wool and rub the spots with a circular motion. Let dry a few minutes.  Buff energetically in the direction of the grain.


Finish and wood are sensitive to the sun’s U.V. rays, and with time may fade.  To restore luster and brilliance, apply Pate Dugay “Brun Rustique” wax with a soft cloth (both of which can be found inside the Maintenance Kit).  Use a thick coat of wax on the areas that have faded due to the sun.  Let dry a few minutes then gently buff with the grain.

Nicks & Scratches

In the event of small nicks or scratches that inevitably occur over the lifetime of all furniture and other cabinetry, we have provided a quick and easy solution to help keep everything beautiful and looking new. A Pro Mark II Finishing Pen, included in your box, can be used to restore the brilliance and luster of the original finish in damaged areas. A light uniform amount of pressure on the marker will produce the best results.  Position the nib according to how fine or heavy a line is required. The Pro-Mark pen works very well to replace color on areas such as worn edges.  We recommend rubbing and blending the color immediately after application.

Final notes

These types of finishes are sensitive to long exposure to moisture and heat, caused by coffee mugs, hot plates, etc.  Because we use a wax finish, there is a possibility the finish may rub off on clothing.  This may happen only while the wax is still wet.  It takes about three to four weeks for a typical wax to cure, depending on the temperature and humidity of the house.  If by accident you do rub against the finish, just wash the clothing; it shouldn’t stain.

If you would like to have your furniture or cabinets re-waxed by us, just call our office and we will gladly send out our finishing experts for a reasonable hourly charge.